Bio Leaf Specialized Medium – 60L

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High Quality Washed and Buffered Coco Peat and Perlite Mix.

The Bio Leaf Technologies growing mediums are very different from other products in the marketplace. Manufactured to strict quality standards at their ISO 9001 certified production facility. Bio Leaf mediums meet the requirements for growing products for food and medical grade cannabis. They also meet the requirements for OHSAS 18001 certification.

Bio Leaf growing mediums do not contain soil, are free from pathogens, organisms and products that could contaminate your plants. Every batch is lab tested ensuring quality and consistency. Bio Leaf will aid you in harvesting a superior quality product.

Coco peat is a great medium with a high capacity to exchange nutrients with plants. It retains both water and air well. Produced from coconut husks, husks are washed repeatedly in fresh water to be crushed and packaged. Peat is then washed again, buffered with calcium nitrate and washed a final time.

Added perlite brings more oxygen to the growing medium for a healthy root zone. Made from heated, expanded rock, perlite is a light and porous medium. Often used in higher ratios with coco peat and vermiculite as a seedling mix. Perlite contains no nutrients for plants and is pH neutral.

Bio Leaf is perfect as a base for living blends or added amendments. Suitable with the use of either synthetic or organic nutrients.

Produced from responsibly sourced products via sustainable channels.

Please note that no delivery service is offered for growing mediums ordered online. Should you wish to have your growing mediums delivered, please email before paying for your order to get a quote.

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Weight 14 kg

1 review for Bio Leaf Specialized Medium – 60L

  1. Ronen Fearnhead

    High quality growing medium, no need to buffer and its already Ph’d which saves time and money, I would highly recommend this, the mix is light and airy, holds water but not for too long and its super clean, I bought this at Happy harvest and the service was excellent, I like how the owner test’s each and every product, it shows because he gave me advice and was extremely helpful. See you again soon!!

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