Worm Castings – 30dm


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Worm Castings, aka vermicompost, is an organic fertilizer produced by earthworms. Castings are high in nutrients, beneficial micro life, enzymes, natural growth hormones and organic matter. Vermicompost is a complete fertilizer, providing the NPK’s and micro nutrients to plants.

Apply worm castings as a 2 cm thick top dress to plants in pots or the garden. A mix of 30% castings, 60% coco peat and 10% perlite will produce a great growing medium for many varieties of plants. A seedling mix usually has a ratio of 10% castings, 80% coco peat and 10% perlite.

Able to condition soils aiding in water retention, organic matter composition and microbial life. Benefits also include increased drainage and aeration, improving soil structure.

Produce a worm tea by placing 1-2 cups castings in an old T-shirt or stocking. Submerge it in 10L of water and aerate with an air stone and pump for 1-2 days. Dilute the tea down with 2 parts water to feed your plants.

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