What is Molasses

Molasses is a by-product of granulated sugar and comes in the form of a thick, sticky syrup. Sugar cane juice is boiled down until crystals are formed and removed from the liquid, what’s left is molasses. This process can be done a few times, the more crystals removed, the darker and richer the molasses. When this process has been completed 3 times with the same sugar cane juice, the final by product is blackstrap molasses.

Why Use It?

Molasses has been used as an additive in agriculture for years. Rich in calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, it also contains some trace elements usable by your plants like sulphur (the right kind)

Micro organisms in the soil are constantly eating organic matter turning it into nutrients. Your plants are swopping carbohydrates or sugars for these nutrients with the microorganisms in the root zone. When you add sugars to the soil in the form of molasses, you’re enabling your plants to retain their own sugars. This in turn will enhance the terpenes of your harvest, resulting in sweeter smelling and tasting flower.

Why Unsulphured Molasses?

There are different kinds of molasses and not all are suitable for your plants. When sugar cane is harvested and stored to be processed into sugar later, a preservative called sulphur dioxide is applied. This preservative has strong anti fungal and anti bacterial properties and adding it to your living soil will result in a loss of bio activity. Best to use blackstrap unsulphured molasses. 

How To Use It

Although molasses can be used during most stages of your plant’s life cycle, it’s mainly applied during flower. Application rates can vary from 1-5ml per liter up to 10-15ml per liter according to some manufacturers. 

It’s not recommended to use with every watering though unless that watering is only once a week. Molasses can be fed to your soil up to twice a week without any problems. As starting with any new additive for your plants, begin with the lowest dosage for your first application. Also be aware that the sugars of molasses have the potential to attract some pests too.

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