Hydrogen Peroxide 50%


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Please Note. We cannot courier hydrogen peroxide as it is a hazardous substance. Any peroxide ordered will be for collection only.

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong disinfectant and oxidizer used to keep hydroponic setups sterile. Add hydrogen peroxide to your reservoir on a regular basis to help oxygenate nutrient solutions and prevent root rot.

Often used by commercial farmers to clean drip irrigation lines and suitable for use to clean AutoPot. A peroxide solution leaves no residue.

If the chemical name H ₂O ₂ looks familiar, it’s because it’s very close to water. But is far from water and is very dangerous and unstable. Loosely bonded, the extra oxygen molecule can break off quite easily. It is this that gives H ₂O ₂ it’s oxidising ability.

Essentially, hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water with extra oxygen molecules in it(the extra oxygen is absorbable by the roots of the plant). Vol 10-40 (3-12%) bought at pharmacies are weak and need to be kept from breaking down with the use of stabilizers. It’s these stabilizers that are not safe for human consumption. Any grade less than 35% strength peroxide is not suitable for your hydroponic grow or plants.

It’s very important to be cautious when working with peroxide as it will cause severe burns. Always make use of gloves and protective eyewear. Flush with plenty of water if skin or eye contact is made.

Never store in an air tight container. The loose oxygen atom that breaks off eventually increases the pressure within the bottle. It’s at this point that opening the bottle is very dangerous as it will spray on you. Again, never store the bottle with the lid turned tight. Rather store it with the cap only just loose to allow any pressure build up to escape safely.

Read More on H2O2 here.

We can not courier hydrogen peroxide as it is a hazardous substance. Peroxide ordered is for collection only.

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