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NutriCAST (biohumus) – is a natural organic fertilizer. It is a natural means for re-cultivation of the soil. NutriCAST is capable of bringing life back to degraded soil and significantly increase fertility of soil. Research has shown that by incorporating Vermicast into crop or plant growth production, it can significantly increase yields and has also shown disease suppressive qualities.


Beds: Apply 1 or 2 Litres perm’ when establishing the vegetable or flower bed Re-apply 500 ml perm’ every 4 – 6 weeks

New planting: Place a cupful of nutricast in the root zone of the plant

Roses: Apply 250 ml per plant; apply every 10 – 12 weeks through season

Lawn: Apply 2 litres perm’. Basically a light dusting

1 review for NutriCAST™️ Vermicompost – 15dm

  1. Nathan Raymakers (verified owner)

    Don’t know if this product is any good because i received a bag that reaks of ammonia which a tell tale sign of anaerobic compost which is terrible for plants earthworms or any other micro bacteria and fungi in the soil. Not to mention all the nitrogen is gone in the form of gas. I suspect improper storage conditions. Further service and delivery were perfect

    • admin

      Hi Nathan, thanks for letting us know about this, we value your feedback. You should have received a quality product and for that we apologise. We’ll be in touch to rectify this and see what needs to be done on our side to make sure it doesn’t happen again in future.

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