Dirty Hands Liquiphos 750ml

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Dirty Hands Liquiphos is a pure, organic, liquid fertilizer manufactured from natural sources only. Containing 10 % P (phosphorus) in phosphate (PO4) form, Liquiphos always stays in suspension. This makes nutrients very accessible and easily absorbed by the root system.

Working over a period of 3 to 4 months, Dirty Hands Liquiphos is a slow release fertilizer. The microbes and fungi in soil will release nutrients from Liquiphos making them available and accessible to plants. This nutrient releasing process takes place over a period of time. This will result in improved growth, higher yields, as well as increased flower and fruit quality of all crops. Use Dirty Hands Liquiphos as an early flowering nutrient for cannabis moving to Dirty Hands Sea-Rock after week 4.


  • Provides balanced plant nutrients (macro and micro nutrients or trace elements).
  • Plant nutrients are in their most natural form possible.
  • Stimulates old plants, shrubs and trees to new growth levels.
  • Increases harvest crop (yield) and a better crop quality of all crops (except proteas, fynbos, buchu, etc.)
  • Returns phosphorus (P) in phosphorus (PO4) form back into soil.
  • Limits rapid leaching of plant nutrients through the soil.
  • Increases soil microbial activities releasing plant nutrients
  • Relieves stress during conditions of cold (e.g. frost), heat, strong wind or dry and waterlogged soil.
  • Enriches any other soil when added to it. Improves root growth and development
  • Cannot burn, scald or damage roots, when applied at the correct, recommended dosage.
  • Reduces or even replaces chemical fertilizer applications.
  • The pH balance stays consistent in the soil.
  • This product is easily and evenly applied and easy transportable, including handling and storage.


• Macro nutrients:

3.1 g / kg N (nitrogen); 100 g / kg P (phosphorus), thus 10 % P in PO4 (phosphate) form; 9.0 g / kg K (potassium or potash); 21.8 g / kg Ca (calcium); 10.7 g / kg Mg(magnesium) and 12.6 g / kg S (sulphur).

• Micro nutrients (trace elements):

268.9 mg / kg Fe (iron); 25.3 mg / kg Cu (copper); 45.8 mg / kg Zn (zinc); 264.5 mg / kg Mn (manganese);49.3 mg / kg B (boron) and 0.9 mg / kgMo (molybdenum).

pH (H2O): 3.6; SG (specific gravity) at 20ºC: 1.25 g; maximum particle size: 15 µ (microns)


1 review for Dirty Hands Liquiphos 750ml

  1. Keegan

    This stuff really works .Each day for the past 4 days of watering 1litre with 5ml of liquiphos Monday to Thursday i can see real results .I don’t know the flush process but my plants don’t seem to mind the nutrients. I feel as if this product will last longer if you’re documenting growth and doing daily maintenance observing the effectiveness and growth boost

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